D006 - Development of Emergency Water Supply System at Kuala Krai, Kelantan

Deployment period :

10 to 14 January 2015

Team Members :

1) Shah Izzni Talif (RQM, Team Leader, Liaison)

2) Nurul Fadillah Mazlan (RQM, Water Quality)

3) Wan Effandi Wan Mohamad (Member, Technician Designer)

4) Azizul Hashim (Friends of RedR, Water Supply)

RedR Malaysia was invited by Malaysia Relief Agency (MRA) to assist them with water supply issues during the great flood event in Kelantan which began in December 2014.RedR Malaysia team visited 7 kampungs heavily affected by the floods to assess the water supply conditions and needs.

The team designed and proposed the location of water supply boreholes in Kampung Laloh and Kampung Lepan Meranti. The team also designed and help to construct water treatment plant capable of supplying filtered water to Kampug Lepan Meranti, an exercise which includes :

-testing of water resources

-Designing filtration system

-Identification of locally available materials and Contractor

-Obtained agreement of the Kampung residents

-Installation of water filtration system

#KualaKrai #RedR #Deployment

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